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 The history of Institute of Electrical Power Engineering   has begun in June 1945, when the Department of Electrical Power Engineering was founded. It was one of the first organizational unit at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The Faculty has laid the foundations of the Lodz University of Technology (earlier Technical University of Lodz), together with Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.


 Currently the Institute of Electrical Power Engineering consists of 5 departments: Power Plant Division, Electrical Networks Division, Instrument Transformer and EMC Division, Transport and Energy Processing Division and High Voltage Division. The institute is a workplace for five Full Professors, two Associate Professors, over thirty Lecturers with several Ph.D. students. The director of the Institute of Electrial Powe Engineering since 2013 is associate professor – Irena Wasiak, DSC, Ph.D., EEng. The operation of the Institute is supported  by Deputy Director for Administration (Dr Ryszard Pawełek, Ph.D, EEng.), Deputy Director for Educational (Dr Józef Wiśniewski, Ph.D, EEng.) and Deputy Director for Science (Prof. Władysław Mielczarski, DSC, Ph.D., EEng.).



Fields of interest


 Power transmission and distribution, embedded generation

 - Optimization of power systems operation

 - Integration of Distributed Generation (DG) into power systems and Renewable Energy Sources (RES)

 - Electricity and Capacity Markets

 - Power Quality

 - Transformer diagnostics

 - Analyses and designing of instrument transformers


 Conventional, thermal electricity generation

 - Reliability of the power units

 - Self-demand systems of power units


 Electricity utilization

 - Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

 - Safety systems in Automatic Train Control (ATC) and Automatic Train Protection (ATP)

 - Drive systems in electric rail vehicle

 - Illumination and lighting(modern light sources)



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