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 Association of Polish Electrical Engineers (SEP)

 Branch in Lodz








Pl. Komuny Paryskiej 5 a

90-007 Lodz


The Association of Polish Electrical Engineers (SEP) was established in 1919. The Branch in Lodz was one of the founder members of the Association.

Besides associating activities, the Lodz Branch if SEP runs widespread economic activities. On October 6th, 2005 the Lodz Branch of SEP, as the first branch within the Association, obtained the certificate of Quality Management System according to the PN-EN ISO 9001:2001 (currently 9001:2009) standard with reference to:


   - courses, trainings and qualifying examinations for groups employed at exploitation and supervision;

   - technical services, expertises, conferences.


The Branch was the organizer or the co-organizer of many conferences, also those of innovative character and forms, held on a local and international scale.

Besides conferences, the Branch organizes seminars and presentations during which not so widely, but more frequently the leading companies present their products and achievements. Thanks to such activities the Branch successfully fulfils its mission consisting in popularization of knowledge in the field of electric engineering (electrical power engineering, driving systems and power engineering electronics, lighting systems, switchgear and manoeuvring equipment, telecommunication).

A significant role falls to activities of the Experts Centre and Training Centre, being decisive for their presence in the field of industry and services. Within the activities of the Experts Centre, technical expertises and opinions on innovative character of projects and investments are prepared. In spite of a vast competition on the market of engineering services, the experts engaged in the Branch are appreciated and we manage to keep the existing markets, and even to extend the already gained ones. An essential factor is a high level of our specialists and experts qualifications thanks to which the Branch effectively renders export services, and this is a phenomenon all over Poland.

Within the activities of the Training Centre, the Lodz Branch of SEP organizes courses preparing to qualifying examinations for persons to be employed on exploitation and supervision positions of all stages. Trainings in the field of industrial safety, specialized trainings (subjects to be agreed with the ordering entity), and trainings of personnel in respect of carrying out and documenting occupational risk assessments are organized, too. We work out exploitation instructions for electrical equipment as required by the National Labour Inspectorate, and we perform occupational risk assessments for economic entities including completion of the required documentation. Within the structure of the Branch, three Qualifying Commissions are active (185, 186 and 655), which were established by the President of Energy Regulatory Office to check qualifications of persons dealing with exploitation of equipment, installations and networks.

The Lodz Branch of SEP has been publishing the Technical Information Bulletin of Lodz SEP Branch since 1997. It is a continuation of the of the “Branch Guide” published (with interruptions) since 1962, but now being a totally different, professional issue. The first ten or fifteen pages in the Bulletin are occupied with science and technical articles raising the latest issues referring to: electrical installations, automatics, environment protection, power industry, law. The next pages are devoted to current activities of the Branch and biographical notes on outstanding electrical engineers of our region.

An important sphere of the Branch activities is a school and academic education.           For many years the Branch has been organizing numerous contests for young people from secondary schools and students of the Lodz Technical University.


The Lodz Branch of SEP was rewarded for its activity with: the Honorary Badge of Lodz on 25.02.1980, and the  CITY OF LODZ MERIT BADGE on 10.11.2004.





Pl. Komuny Paryskiej 5 a

90-007 Lodz


KRS number: 0000214669

REGON: 473266326

NIP: 7250029497





Institute of Electrical Power Engineering

Lodz University of Technology


Association of Polish Electrical Engineers

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